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Medical Records Information

   A patient's medical records includes the information obtained in the office to assist the physician in the treatment of a disease or condition.  This includes the history and physical examination as well as various tests which have been ordered.  Also, in the patient's chart are reports from various consultants and other treating physicians.  For those patients which have required hospitalization, additional reports and documents which were generated in the hospital are also maintained in the patient's medical record.  Additionally, the chart contains progress reports of the patient during each patient encounter.

    In the State of California, access to medical records is administered by the Medical Board.  Additional information regarding medical records maintenance and accessibility are available on the California Medical Board's Web Site.

    Additionally, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has published information regarding consumer access and protection of your medical records under the HIPAA act.

    In order to remain compliant with the federal and state guidelines regarding protection and availability of your medical records the following documentation and forms have been developed:

        Medical Records Frequently Asked Questions

        Authorizations for Release of Medical Records



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